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At WORMS SAFETY, we aim to constantly maintain and expand our level of expertise. By constantly enhancing our skills and knowledge, we keep up with the latest industry practices and technologies, the ever-changing regulatory authority rules, and evolving consumer expectations, allowing us to better support you.

Building Expertise


The ability to deliver added value across every level of business is intrinsically linked to the people within an organization. The WORMS SAFETY ACADEMY can assist with:

Staying up-to-date with complex and evolving technical standards.
Identifying and implementing best practices for safety and quality management.
Learning how to ensure credibility and respect when negotiating with factory managers and employees.
Developing and maintaining world-class integrity, growing your social responsibility into an asset.
Understanding the role of sustainability in your business. Managing your organization’s environmental impact and staying on top of applicable legal compliance.
Perceiving consumers’ usage and learning how to anticipate and meet their expectations.

Co-Developed Training


The best way to offer effective and customized solutions for our clients is to develop a deeper understanding of their brands and products. WORMS SAFETY ACADEMY is collaborating with clients to design and develop personalized training modules, helping us to deliver tailor-made solutions. Our expert trainers offer guidance focused on practical applications to answer your business challenges.

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