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WORMS SAFETY announces strategic acquisition of AXIS

WORMS SAFETY announces strategic acquisition of AXIS



WORMS SAFETY is pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of AXIS, the latest step in the development of the WORMS SAFETY TECHNO-CENTER. This venture will allow all companies in the WORMS SAFETY alliance to access highly advanced facilities, resources and technology for dimensional expertise, mechanical, climatic and colorimetry testing.


About AXIS:

AXIS has more than 20 years of dimensional expertise, mechanical, climatic and colorimetry testing experience, using teams of highly qualified technicians and advanced technological equipment in their laboratory in Valence, France.


Today, AXIS utilizes these resources and knowledge to provide state-of-the-art product development support, post-failure analysis, and post-production sorting by testing the quality, performance and durability of products with highly precise dimensional measurements.





Knee prosthesis example:
color mapping of the gaps between the prototype
realization and the 3D model





AXIS is the only specialist in the Southeast of France to perform measurements to the precision of one micron, using Zeiss equipment and Calypso software. This precise measurement capability reaches further heights when conducting coordinated performance or ageing mechanical and climatic testing, and even ad hoc bench tests. AXIS also carries out colorimetric testing with excellent color formulation capacity.


The company’s expertise and advanced machinery coupled with its high responsiveness supports numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics, nuclear, consumer goods and luxury goods.


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